Superstar Volunteers

Have you used volunteers for your association or sports events? Or are you like many planners who think they’re more trouble than they’re worth? If so, you might want to read blog post “How to Find Superstar Volunteers For Your Event.” The Event Manager Blog post by Kelli White is an excellent blueprint for successfully recruiting, training and retaining top-notch event volunteers. For association and sports events especially, involving volunteers from within your organization or who are prospective attendees has added benefits for both parties. Volunteering encourages engagement and might bring in new members. After one experiment with volunteers from a college event program in our host city, our meeting team was ready to abandon the idea altogether. The recruits didn’t show up on time, were not properly dressed, disappeared from time to time without reporting to anyone or left after a few hours, frustrating the staff members responsible for managing them. On reflection, we realized we were responsible. We did not follow most of the tips in the above blog, setting both sides up for failure.   Read more from the volunteer perspective here.