Get Smart: High-Tech Shirt and Sports Bra Are Perfect for Event Profs

You may already wear your heart on your sleeve, and now you can wear your personal trainer on your sleeve too (OK… near your sleeve). Combining high-performance fabrics with high-tech fitness tracking, tech brand OMsignal is taking wearables to the next level with its smart shirt and sports bra. For planners, these are good options to travel with on site visits or during events so they can get a healthy break from hard work. 0208_CS_smartbra The shirt, a short-sleeve, compression-fit number made of conductive yarn and quick-dry fabric, is a solid option for sweaty workouts on its own, but what makes it stand out is its wireless tracking abilities. The OM Smart Box, which attaches to the shirt slightly above the waist, is a lightweight, waterproof device that tracks heart and breathing rates, steps and calories burned, and measures how much effort is exerted during strength training. Take that, Fitbit. Real-time biometrics are then relayed to the OM Smart App (available on Apple devices) to keep readings at your fingertips, and eliminates the need to carry your phone with you during workouts. Using the same Smart Box and Smart App technology, OMsignal has added a sports bra to its smart collection, available in spring. The high-performance, fully adjustable piece—which has already been praised by Olympians, CrossFit athletes and yoga enthusiasts alike—tracks stamina levels in addition to calories burned and breathing and heart rate with the OM Smart Box discreetly attached to the band. When it comes to calorie counting, you can see how you stack up against others in your age group, providing an extra boost of motivation.