Helix Bracelet Brings Tangle-Free Earbuds to Rushed Travelers

The tangled mess of earbuds you find when you’re ready to jam to some music during a long flight is more than an annoyance; it’s also deadly for the wiring. While this may be an all-too-familiar problem for the fast-packing planners traveling for conferences or familiarization trips, there’s an easy (and trendy) solution. Launching in December, Helix by Ashley Chloe is a wearable cuff bracelet with embedded Bluetooth headphones that detach for on-the-go listening or calls. The bracelet, which connects to Android and iOS devices (including the Apple Watch), comes in black, white and red with silver or champagne gold embellishments, and is available for preorder ($169). 151001_RJWeB_Helix_Body_2 Photo credit: Ashley Chloe