10 Coolest Gadgets of CES 2017

CES 2017 Polaroid booth Polaroid Pop
CES, the world’s largest consumer technology show, celebrated its 50th anniversary this month with more than 3,800 exhibitors and 175,000 attendees on-site at Las Vegas Convention Center. While it’s tough narrowing down the megashow’s top up-and-coming products, we gave it our best shot with these 10 nifty gadgets.

CES 2017 Sleep Number 360 Smart BedSleep Number 360 Smart Bed

Are you listening, friends in the hotel biz? Sleep Number’s smart bed senses movements to automatically adjust the firmness of the mattress for optimal comfort. It also gently warms feet and can raise one side of the bed to cease your partner’s snoring. It’s not out yet, but is expected to release within the year. Until then we’ll be dreaming of the incredible zzz’s we’ll log on this baby.  

CES 2017 Polaroid PopPolaroid Pop

As you may recall, we covered Polaroid Snap in 2016. Now meet its big sister, Polaroid Pop. Releasing in late 2017, the digital camera is a modern take on the classic Polaroid camera, which celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Unlike the Snap, Pop’s prints are true to the classic 3-by-4-inch size. The camera also connects to your mobile device using a dual Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chip, so don’t worry—you can still post those snaps to Instagram.  

CES 2017 Willow Breast PumpWillow Breast Pump

Moms, this is the breast pump you’ve been dreaming of. Willow is a wearable breast pump that fits inside your bra, allowing you to go about your day (somewhat) normally. That means no external tubes, cords or dangling bottles—and say goodbye to needing a private place to pump. Willow goes on sale in spring.    

CES 2017 BACtrack SkynBACtrack Skyn

Lightweights everywhere can breathe a bit easier thanks to the world’s first wearable alcohol monitor. The device is integrated into an Apple Watch band (also available as a stand-alone wearable) and tracks your blood alcohol level in real time, notifying you when you need to slow down or stop drinking so you can get home safely.    

CES 2017 TanvasTanvas

Shopping may be changed forever with the rollout of Tanvas, a display using haptic technology that allows you to feel what you see on your touch screen. Buying a pair of corduroys online? Move your fingers across the material on the screen and the vibrations will mimic its texture.

CES 2017 QuietOnQuietOn

Drown out chaotic airplane noises without blasting music that can harm your eardrums with QuietOn. These noise-cancelling earplugs mask acoustic sounds to create real silence as opposed to the muffled Charlie Brown-type noises you hear with regular earplugs.    

CES 2017 Plume Labs Flow


Take control of the air you breathe. Flow is an air-quality tracker that measures indoor or outdoor air pollutants. The goal of Flow is to get enough people to strap them to their bags or briefcases to produce a crowdsourced map of the best air-quality areas, allowing you to plan accordingly to reduce your exposure. Preorders begin this spring.    

CES 2017 Clear Flight Solutions RobirdRobird

It’s a bird. It’s a plane… Wait, it’s a bird made to protect planes. Clear Flight Solutions’ Robird is a drone designed to look like a bird of prey. The intent is to scare birds from flight zones to make runways safer. While the Robirds aren’t for sale, Clear Flight Solutions is available for hire to assist with bird control.    

CES 2017 Furrion Robotics ProthesisProthesis

This human-controlled robot is like Doctor Octopus on steroids. Strap yourself into Furrion’s 14-by-16-ft. exoskeleton and you’ll be able to run up to 21 mph and jump 10 feet in the air—impressive seeing as it weighs 7,000 pounds. The off-road racing mechanism will debut this spring.    

CES 2017 PowerVision PowerRayPowerRay

Drones have mastered the skies and now they’re taking a deep dive. This underwater drone by PowerVision detects fish and emits a blue light to attract them to your fishing lure. Navigate it using real-time video streamed to your phone, allowing you to see what’s hiding below the waves. Preorders begin Feb. 27.     Photo credits: CES; Sleep Number; Polaroid; Willow; Clear Flight Solutions; Furrion; PowerVision