2020 Connect Association 15 Over 50: Natalie Norris, CMP, CMM

Natalie Norris, CMP, CMM, is the owner and director of Meetings and More, Inc. She is based in Franklin, Tennessee.

2020 Connect Association 15 Over 50: Natalie Norris, CMP, CMM

Natalie Norris, CMP, CMM, describers herself as creative, caring and successful. Learn more about her.

What I do: My position consist of two roles.The first role is to manage and lead my company in order for it to be sustainable and positioned to assist my clients. My second role is to be an advocate for my clients by providing ideas and solutions to help their events and organization grow in areas that are important to them.

How I got here: My current position began with nine years of meetings and marketing experience at a national association. This experience gave me the opportunity to move to an association management company, which led me to working with a variety of meetings in different industries.  All of this experience followed by tremendous support from my husband and family helped me to have the confidence to start my own business.

Greatest career accomplishments: Starting and managing a meeting planning company that has continued to grow for 13 years. The second greatest career accomplishment is obtaining the CMP and CMM designations while also helping my clients succeed and grow from my experiences and ideas.

Impressive stats: In the first year of working with a new client, the client’s projected budget for expenses was $282,505. The final expenses were only $187,752 and this was with the client experiencing a 20% growth in the conference attendance. 

What I do outside of work: In my free time I volunteer for my local MPI chapter, volunteer at my daughter’s schools, and attend and support the sport and music programs that my daughters are involved in throughout the year.

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