2020 Connect Association 40 Under 40: Lauren Nikole Avellan, DMCP

Lauren Nikole Avellan, DMCP, 33, is account executive at DECO Productions, Inc. She is based in Miami.

Lauren Nikole Avellan

Lauren Nikole Avellan describes herself as affable, innovative and diligent. Learn more about her.

What I do: 
I work with planners from all over the world by assisting them to organize meetings and events in South Florida. As a Florida native myself, with more than nine years of DMC experience, I can highlight local restaurants, venues and activities that South Florida has to offer. My No. 1 priority is to contract my clients with selections that will facilitate them in elevating their program and overall attendees’ experience. 

Impressive stats: 
I have a long-standing client that hosts its annual summit in South Florida every winter. Its summit attracts more than 3,000 attendees, 20 major sponsors and more than 50 exhibitors each year. For this program, we work with each sponsor to fulfill their rental needs for each of their meeting room suites. After putting together a three-year growth plan, which would reduce the cost of goods for sponsors and increase profits for the company, we re-invested monies to help build inventory, and as of January 2020 we were able to determine that the plan successfully helped increased profits by 10%. 

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