2021 Connect Association 40 Under 40: Adrienne Belleza, PMED

Adrienne Belleza is chief meeting operations officer for FACE2FACE Meetings & Incentives. She is based in Las Vegas.

2021 Connect Association 40 Under 40: Adrienne Belleza, PMED

Adrienne Belleza, PMED, 37
Chief Meeting Operations Officer, FACE2FACE Meetings & Incentives 
Las Vegas

What I do: 
I oversee all meeting and event operations. I also oversee the internal operations for our company. This ensures we have our systems and procedures in place to smoothly operate amazing programs.  

How I got here: 
I have loved the hospitality industry since I was a teenager and found my niche in the meeting and event industry shortly after college graduation. I later received my master’s in international event management in the U.K. I have worked for a DMC in Las Vegas focusing on large-scale productions in major casinos and then moved to Monterey, Calif., and built the event sales and catering department at the Monterey Bay Aquarium. After three years, Las Vegas was calling me back.

My greatest career accomplishment:
Logistics and operations is my happy place. Overcoming logistical challenges and having programs execute flawlessly is what I love to do. From shutting down Fremont Street (and side streets) for a private corporate event of 5,000 to executing a large-scale event inside the brand-new TSA-secured Terminal 3 in Las Vegas, I look at every conference and event like a puzzle, and getting those pieces to fit perfectly takes time, finesse and not quitting on a solution even after the 10th ‘no.’ 

What I do outside of work: 
My focus when not working is my family; my son is 8 months old and very busy. My husband and I are avid hikers; trips away with my family often revolve around a hike we can take. Spending time on me and my fitness journey is extremely important, and I love my bikes.  
Favorite vacation destination:
Vancouver, Canada, and the former Four Seasons Hotel there

Favorite icebreaker line: 
‘What travel destination is at the top of your list?’ 

Travel hack: 
Different shoes every day or every other day to help get you through those long days and weeks on your feet. If on the floor and you can’t get a Band-Aid for a blister, find the AV tech and ask for some gaffer’s tape!  

Instagram: @abelleza105