2021 Connect Association 40 Under 40: Rachel Keller

Rachel Keller is event manager at Redstone Agency, She is based in Toronto.

2021 Connect Association 40 Under 40: Rachel Keller

Rachel Keller, 29
Event Manager, Redstone Agency

What I do: 
I empower a team of 20-plus event planners through the full cycle of event planning, including budget management, vendor coordination, marketing plans, sponsorships and speaker management.

How I got here: 
I started my career working for a large corporate company, managing the full production of their internal events. To ensure I continued to grow and learn, I decided to move to the agency side of the event world and have worked with clients to produce meaningful in-person, virtual and hybrid events. 

My greatest career accomplishment:
I am proud of the way I navigated the last 18 months in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic. I remained proactive, continued to learn and seek out digital technologies, and helped my clients generate revenue and provide tremendous value to their attendees in a virtual format. 

What I’m working on right now:
I have several large client events coming up this fall—including conferences, workshops and series of mini events. As restrictions start to lift in Canada, I’m looking forward to doing micro in-person events and producing hybrid experiences for our large events. 

A specific improvement I’ve made: 
I have positively impacted the reporting structure and streamlined processes as we experienced rapid growth over the past year. Additionally, I have created a more efficient and effective management structure of the event team. 

What I do outside of work: 
I like to spend as much time outside as possible. I love to explore local hiking trails, spend time at my cottage swimming in the lake, or simply going for a walk with my dog.

Favorite vacation destination:
My partner is from Ireland so it has slowly become my home away from home. My favorite place within Ireland is a small town called Dingle; it’s right on the coast with beautiful scenery and the most incredible local restaurants. 

Favorite icebreaker line: 
‘Name three people dead or alive that you would like to have dinner with.’ It really gives you a chance to get to know someone and naturally prompts further conversation. 

Travel hack: 
This is likely not the most unique answer for a planner, but outfit planning. I go through my itinerary and plan out what I’ll want to wear for each day, lay it out and then pack everything in packing blocks. While it’s a lot of energy when you’re packing, it saves so much time when you’re on a trip and bouncing between dinners, events, etc. 

Instagram: @rachhkeller