3-D Printing Takes F&B Into the Future

3-D printing Ikea Space10 Foodini Choc Edge Beehex F&B food

Welcome to the future of F&B: 3-D printing. Food scientists at Ikea’s Space10 innovation studio are exploring new ways of making meatballs more sustainable. The team’s futuristic meatball menu includes one that’s 3-D printed and looks like a Wiffle ball before being topped with spices. Others are made with unusual proteins like algae, beet leaves and insects. It’s not yet known when the meatballs will hit the market, but put them on your F&B radar as a healthy (and intriguing!) entree. 

[caption id="attachment_32911" align="alignright" width="215"]3-D printing Foodini Roasted Red Pepper Crackers   by Foodini[/caption]

Bringing it back to the present day, we rounded up three of the best 3-D food printers planners can use now:

FOODINI Best for: Snack breaks Prints: Savory and sweet snacks

CHOC EDGE Best for: Plated desserts Prints: 2-D and 3-D chocolate designs

BEEHEX Best for: DIY food stations Prints: Pizzas