3 Ways Two Bit Circus Uses Tech to Stimulate the Senses

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Leave it to experiential entertainment company Two Bit Circus to use technology to stimulate the senses. Based in Los Angeles, Two Bit Circus creates interactive digital playgrounds at events, where attendees work together to beat oversize childhood games or be wowed by virtual reality experiences.

“We are surrounded by technology, but generally it’s very isolating,” says Brent Bushnell, CEO of the company, which has worked with planners from Amazon, Intel, the Super Bowl, SXSW and Time Warner Cable. “We like to get people playing together in real life, not just over the internet,” he says. Here are three examples of Two Bit Circus’ experiential games.

Displayed on an 80-inch LCD screen, Hexaball uses six massive trackballs as controllers. Attendees touch both hands to a trackball to navigate a variety of social games such as three-on-three Pong and capture the flag.

Two Bit Circus 1

Combining two childhood games, Teeter-Tooter Marble Maze is an experience of its own. Four people sit on two seesaws and work together to move the ball to the end of the maze.

Two Bit Circus 2

Remember what MacGyver would do! In Laser Maze Heist, players sneak past laser beams to get to a painting at the end of a room. Attendees must then “steal” the art piece and bring it back again without breaking any beams.

Two Bit Circus 3