5 Charging Stations to Power Up Your Events

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It’s time to juice up! No, we’re not talking about caffeine, but rather its rival for the biggest essential in modern events: electricity. With attendees bringing an average of three devices each to conferences, spots to plug in are highly sought after. Thanks to companies like these five, charging stations don’t have to be an eyesore—or add to your bottom line. In fact, if you position the opportunity correctly to potential sponsors, charging stations can be a hot commodity.


Companies like AOL have taken advantage of sponsorships for Brightbox at major tech conferences (pictured above). A standout feature of these products is reporting data, as well as the capability to do surveys, polling and sweepstakes. 


Replace standard highboys with customized charging-capable high-tops from goCharge. The units have 12 universal charging cords and are topped with glass, plus a spill-proof edge.

JuiceUP Recharge Solutions

Six different lightweight models are illuminated with internal LED lights that can change to 16 different colors with four light pattern options, all controlled via wireless remote. 

Power Tower

These charging stations are a favorite among organizations like American Apparel & Footwear Association, International Franchise Association and National Association of Realtors. Company spokesman Mike Maggini reports clients love the on-site activation the towers create for sponsors. 

Totally Mod

Charging conversation tables have Edison outlets as well as USB ports and charging cords for various phone models, and charging swing tables come in 13 colors and can be branded with printed sponsor logos on the leather.