5 Wearables Planners Will Actually Want to Wear


With last year’s Apple Watch release, it’s evident wearables have come a long way since the launch of devices like Google Glass—an eyesore, at best. Now, developers are crafting wearables that, well, you actually want to wear. These five up-and-comers will help you stay connected, track your fitness and spice up your ensemble.

Bellabeat1. Leaf by Bellabeat This piece is designed for women to help track everyday lifestyle and fitness habits. The activity, sleep and monthly cycle tracker can clip onto your blazer like a brooch, or be worn as a bracelet or necklace. It comes in stainless steel and rose gold. $120

2. RinglyRingly_2This jewelry alerts you of app notifications, text messages, emails or calls exclusively from the people you choose. It works by using vibrations and a subtle light illuminating five different colors you can assign on your smartphone. Ringly is crafted with semiprecious stones and comes in six styles. $195

3. Swarovski Activity Crystal by MisfitMisfitConsider this Fitbit’s more glamorous sister. The watch-style bracelet is a fitness tracker measuring sleep and daily activities, but a Swarovski crystal adds bling. $170


Welt4. Welt by Samsung is a wellness belt that works well with men’s suits. Announced at CES 2016 and currently in the prototype stage, it analyzes waistlines, eating habits and daily movements, also syncing with your phone to track how long you’ve been sitting.


5. Ear-O-Smart is the world’s first smart earring that can monitor heart rate, caloric intake and activity level. The earrings are still in development, but sign up online to be first in line to order once they’re released.