8 Ideas to Pump Up Your Team

Inspire team members with these eight unusual activities that encourage collaboration, teamwork, and help pump up morale.

8 Ideas to Pump Up Your Team

Looking for creative ways to inspire your team? You’re not alone. As Henry Ford once said, “Coming together is a beginning; keeping together is progress; working together is success.” Channel Ford’s call for collaboration by galvanizing the group for a unique teambuilding activity. We have assembled a list of eight inspirational ways to bond and build a unified team. Whether you choose to gaze at stars, swing over canyons or huddle with honeybees, the crew will have a blast and plenty of Instagram photos to share!

Crustacean Class

A new twist on traditional etiquette classes at Wequassett Resort in Cape Cod teaches the ins and outs of how to prep and eat lobster. Teammates learn to tie claws together along with tips on how to crack the lobster and remove all of the meat. The best part is the hard work is followed by a traditional Cape Cod lobster boil.

Star Gaze

Discover the twinkling constellations and vivid galaxies of the Southern Sky at the newly renovated Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo. Gaze through the resort’s new high-powered, GPS-guided telescope and then enjoy by a five-course tasting menu of luminescent cocktails and culinary delights made with a meteorite infused wine.

Swing on the Wild Side

The brand new Catalina Aerial Adventure on Catalina Island is an aerial ropes course where team members walk on the wild side with five trails suspended through the trees above a scenic canyon. The trails consist of ladders, suspended bridges, balance beams, zip lines and other exciting obstacles, so that you can climb, balance and swing from tree to tree.


Bee Together

The group will meet the beekeeper at the Ojai Valley Inn’s new Discover Ojai Center for a brief introduction on bees. Then team members will take a scenic ride to the picturesque Mistletoe Meadows where they will don protective suits for a guided tour of the apiary. The immersive excursion concludes with a tasting of raw honeys from local artisans.

Stair Well

Taking exercise to the next level. The Westin Peach Tree Plaza in Atlanta offers Climb The Peach. Participants are challenged to climb the 72 stories to the top of The Westin Peach Tree Plaza. First responders who risked their lives during 9/11 were honored during an event called Tunnels to Towers at the hotel. (Pictured above.)


The Art of the Hunt

“The ancient sport of archery offers a wonderful opportunity for colleagues to test their skills and concentration and compete both individually and as a team. It's a sport that requires focus and the ability to be calm under pressure," says Thomas Breen, activities manager at Ashford Castle Estate in Ireland. A little less mainstream—and certainly not featured in “The Hunger Games,”—is falconry, also available at Ashford. "It's an exercise in not only in trust but also in the ability to set something free and see if and how it returns to you,” says Breen.

Paint the Town

Jill Kerner Schon of The Paint Bar in Boston notes not all creative outlets are created equally. But there’s something universal about putting brush to paper. “A painting activity puts people of all ages on the same playing field, encouraging team members to be positive and take risks,” she suggests. “Painting together breaks down barriers and allows team members to try something new in a fun, safe environment.”

Kamikazi Golf

The folks at Carmel Valley Ranch in California have more than a few new twists on golf. Teams can play the sport in a whole new way there using frisbees, hockey sticks and tennis balls.