Convention City Foods Worth Your Votes

Convention City Foods cleveland philadelphia cheesesteak corned beef

This year’s presidential race may be leaving a bad taste in your mouth, but that doesn’t have to extend to the eats in Cleveland (home to the Republican National Convention, July 18-21) or Philadelphia (Democratic National Convention, July 25-28). Here’s what convention city foods to order in each city.


Corned Beef Sandwich

There’s no debate over which corned beef sandwich is best in Cleveland. Consider the long line in front of Slyman’s good practice for November.

Cleveland Nachos

Depending on what candidate you support, you may need some comforting. There’s no better comfort food than Fahrenheit’s fried, sliced potatoes topped with Parmesan fondue, Romano cheese and bacon.


The ugly campaigns put a spotlight on how the (political) sausage is made. The real thing at Frank’s in West Side Market is far easier to digest.

Chicken Paprikash

Here’s your chance to indulge in a dish that’s richer than Donald Trump: ClubHouse Pub and Grub’s sauce (flavored by the most red of spices) is perfect for a true Republican foodie.


Cheesesteak Like choosing between Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders, Dems must side with either Pat’s or Geno’s.

Roast Pork Sandwich

Politicians love their pork but may prefer DiNic’s sandwich, liberally filled with roast pork, broccoli rabe and sharp provolone. 

Water Ice

Cool down with this icy summertime treat in a variety of fruit flavors (Dems may opt for blueberry). Just don’t call it Italian ice.

Ice Cream Soda

Invented in Philly, this drinkable dessert will help you swallow some of those painful speeches.