Destinations Double as Obscure Capitals

Every city is known for something, a fact that travel website Atlas Obscura has—ahem—capitalized on by creating a map of the world’s most unusual capitals. Some of the oddest titles may be enough to convince you to bring an event to these cities. Anthony, Texas This border town’s claim as “leap year capital of the world” is tenuous at best, but it may inspire you to grasp onto unusual titles  to forge an identity. Barcelona This popular Spanish destination is the capital of pickpockets, making it a prime spot to encourage teambuilding to fend off unknown dangers. Gilroy, Calif. If there were a vampire hunters’ association, it would meet in this garlic capital. In reality, this is a foodie’s dream, complete with its own famous garlic festival. Green Bay, Wis. You’re probably thinking cheese, but the NFL Packers’ home is also the capital of toilet paper—perhaps a great metaphor to push attendees to clean up their act. La Crosse, Kan. The world capital of barbed wire is a good reminder to make sure your attendees feel as safe at your event as they do at home. Ottawa, Ontario Canada’s capital is also the champion of infidelity. Singles conferences may want to check out this scene. Rockland, Maine Attendees would be clawing to check out the F&B at this world capital of lobster. Lobster rolls and lobster mac and cheese, anyone?