Let Them Eat Cobbler

You know all about cupcakes, cronuts and cake pops. Now there’s a new C on the scene: cobbler!

Pi Day Cobbler event hotels serving |Pie Day Cobbler

Not mini cobbllers from years past, but feed-an-entire-conference-size versions. While the jury is still out on whether pie is cobbler or the other way around, we rounded up three delicious versions for you to argue over:

For groups meeting at Gateway Canyons Resort in Colorado, the post-trail riding cowboy meal concludes with a homemade, oversize blackberry version (photo above) served in an iron skillet.

P. Diddy opted for a 30-inch apple pie by Modern Art Catering for his birthday party in Beverly Hills.

For events, the Western-themed Eddie Deen’s Ranch adjacent to Dallas’ Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center bakes Texas-size cobblers—served a la mode, of course—manned by a server.