Let’s Hear It for the Boys! 3 Fall Fashion Trends

Many ladies are dancing with glee that flare jeans are back in style this season (so long, skinnies!), but what’s in for men? Plenty. Fashion trends are shifting from constricting to comfortable, which is good news across the board. Here are some winning style teams to pair this fall, from the office to the gym and airport—and beyond.


Sandals + Socks

It turns out your dad’s (or granddad’s) Saturday footwear choice is the unlikely trendsetter on the runway this fall. While not necessarily socially acceptable for conferences (yet, anyway), the socks-with-sandals combo—rocked by fashion models for Marni and Bottega Veneta this season—is practical for running errands after practice, late nights at the office or a sweaty workout. At the forefront of this trend are the New York Giants, apparently (see above). image 3

Suits + Sneaks

Forget the stiff leather dress shoes that—let’s face it—always rub you the wrong way, no matter how well you think you’ve broken them in. Corporate types will rejoice sporting athletic kicks paired with suits, which is all the rage thanks to duos like Banana Republic and New Balance, and J.Crew and Nike (Ellen knows what’s up). Late for a session or need to be in two places at once? Good thing you’ve got your speed shoes on.

image 4

Jumpsuits + Your Dignity

Why should women have all the fun with rompers? Fashion designer Mr Turk says men’s jumpsuits are one of the designer’s top sellers. The blue-meets-white collar one-piece has its benefits: It’s easy to throw on, doesn’t take up much room in a carryon and, if you get too warm, you can unzip the chest as far as you feel comfortable—but braving public restrooms could certainly get awkward. Are you brave enough to rock this trend? Andy Cohen was.