Meet Vacay, Clothing That Solves Your Packing Probs

Vacay fashion travel
Among a meeting professional’s many skills is being able to pack a week’s worth of clothes into a carryon, because ain’t nobody got time to wait in baggage claim. Adding to the ease of packing is a new women’s clothing company called Vacay, which sells five-piece clothing collections that can be mixed and matched to make a total of 15 different outfits (when paired with a few essentials found in most closets, like a white tank and a pair of jeans). Don’t let the company’s name fool you. While Vacay’s aptly named collections like St. Barts, Tahiti and Martinique may have you envisioning an island getaway, we’re calling them hidden gems for meeting profs too. Going on a site visit to a coastal resort? Two-piece maxi dress for the win. Heading inside to a chilly convention center? Throw on a blazer. Spending a free evening out with a friend in your host city? Slip on your own jean shorts with the maxi-dress top. Three outfits in one? Check, check and check. With a variety of style options and work-appropriate dress and skirt lengths and necklines, Vacay’s clothing collections (which are also wrinkle-resistant, by the way!) might just become your new favorite way to pack. Throw in a pair of interchangeable heels and you’re ready to jet.