Myrtle Beach Convention Center Preps for Better Days Ahead

Myrtle Beach Convention Center staff, confident of a bounce back, make the most of a downtime.

Myrtle Beach Convention Center Preps for Better Days Ahead

Tiffany Andrews, sales and marketing coordinator at Myrtle Beach Convention Center, was still coming into the office as of late last week. There was still plenty of work to do, too. 

While COVID-19 has disrupted events for the time being, convention center staffs across the country remain vigilant working ahead. That is especially true in this South Carolina beach destination.

True, Andrews’ main priority has been updating the facility’s website with proper messaging and updates. But work on the city-run convention center continues to enhance its operations once business picks up again.

“I’m looking at this from a place of being optimistic,” says Andrews. “This is something we can get through. As a facility, we are going to bounce back.”

With tax dollars at stake, it is imperative funds are used wisely at Myrtle Beach Convention Center. And with events on standby, the building is getting some nice touchups—think new painting, window work, adding signage—not to mention, the addition of hand sanitizers. 

“Anything we can do to the building, we are taking advantage of this downtime to get these projects done,” she says.

As the work goes on, salespeople are diligently working with planners to find new dates. Because Myrtle Beach is on the ocean, it is popular with attendees who bring children along or for youth sports groups. A large dance competition remains scheduled for the convention center over July Fourth for now.

Sales staff does not work on commission so Andrews says it has been a true team effort to help planners find new dates and keep the building’s schedule ready for when life returns to normal. Andrews notes Myrtle Beach faced a different challenge with flooding two years ago, but the city and center survived just fine, thank you very much.

“We are working together, really, really well,” Andrews says.