New in New York

Hudson Yards
Here are four ways to make your next event in the Big Apple feel fresh. The problem with hosting an event in New York is that almost all planners have also hosted events in the same places. Brand-new skyscrapers aren’t popping up in New York as much as they are in Atlanta or Chicago, but they are constantly being renovated and, in a sense, reinvented. So, if you’re looking for a space that feels new and fresh, but happens to be in New York, read on for four spots to host your next event.

TWA Hotel

TWA Hotel is conveniently located next to JFK International Airport. As you can guess, the hotel does not take its neighborly duties lightly, as the entire establishment boasts a chic yet authentic aviation theme. Be sure to check out Connie, a 1958 Starline airplane that’s been repurposed as a retro cocktail lounge out on the tarmac. How’s that for a renovation? In addition to Connie, there are seven more bars and six restaurants on-site. TWA is ideal for any large event with its 50,000 square feet of midcentury-inspired event space. If the weather allows, head to the outdoor terraces, rooftop pool and observation deck for sweeping views.

Statue of Liberty Museum

Yes, this is an incredibly tourist-friendly thing to do, but there’s something magical about this New York landmark that makes being there more enjoyable than, say, standing in line for hours at the Empire State Building. The museum, which opened in May, includes interactive displays, galleries and an immersive theater experience depicting the history of the statue and what it represents to our country. Imagine hosting an off-site event with unobstructed views of the iconic statue, all housed inside a state-of-the-art LEED Gold-certified building complete with a green roof.

Lehman Center

If you’re into the arts, chances are you are familiar with the Lehman Center for the Performing Arts in the Bronx. But you probably haven’t checked out this iconic concert hall’s massive $15 million renovations, which added 5,600 more square feet of space to the already-huge venue. It goes without saying that the Lehman Center typically hosts concerts, recitals, seminars, etc., but it can easily be transformed into a chic reception venue. With a seating capacity of more than 2,000, this is the space you reserve for your largest events. And don’t forget about the 55-foot wide stage!

Hudson Yards

The West Side’s Hudson Yards is the latest hot spot in New York. Maybe because it’s the largest private real estate development in the history of the United States and includes more than 18 million square feet of commercial and residential space, 100 boutiques, a collection of restaurants, a center for artistic invention and 14 acres of public open space. Full disclosure: The most spectacular part of this development is the Vessel, which is a spiral staircase made of 2,500 individual steps and 80 landings. Chances are you’ve seen it in photos because everyone who’s been there wants to snap a pic in the iconic new space. Make a reservation before you go, though, because this place fills up fast.