Pack Rats Get Some Relief

Disorganized suitcases, be gone! These two new products could be a godsend for busy travelers in a rush to pack. 1. Shelfpack McKaba Luggage introduced Shelfpack (shown right) this summer as a much-needed solution for travel warriors weary of overflowing luggage. Simply pack your clothes on each shelf, collapse the layers and zip. When you arrive, unfold your instant dresser. 2. Ezstax Husband-and-wife team Joe and Sami Kuipers met the challenge of a disorganized home head-on with a simple solution: a system of interlocking, plastic folderlike compartments called Ezstax (shown above), which “keep your suitcase from turning into a messy pile of clothes during your trip,” says Joe. While the Kickstarter-funded product is marketed primarily for closet and drawer clothing organization, it works just as conveniently in suitcases (a stack of 40 can fit neatly into a carry-on—it’s been tested!), and also helps keep loose papers together and categorized, thanks to handy tabs on each divider.