This App Offers Real-Time Translation for Virtual Meetings

Accommodate international attendees with Interprefy’s live language translation services, now available across all video communications platforms.

Interprefy Select

There are many benefits of virtual events—one of the biggest being the ability to accommodate association members, employees and other attendees from all over the globe. But, of course, with this new level of accessibility come new concerns such as time zones and language barriers.

Enter Zurich-based company Interprefy, which may have the solution to the latter. The global business offers a cloud-based solution that enables real-time interpretation for virtual, hybrid and in-person meetings and events of any size. Its international team sources expert interpreters on five continents, who can be selected based on language and specialization. The best part? They’re all experienced working remotely on multilingual events, making them ideal for virtual gatherings (and, when in-person events return, ideal for the wallet!). 

Last week, Interprefy expanded its services even further with the launch of the new Interprefy Select desktop app. The solution allows Interprefy’s technology to be integrated seamlessly into Zoom, Skype, Webex and other web conferencing platforms—leading to a quick, pain-free solution for event hosts and attendees alike.

How it works: Attendees looking for interpretation services select their preferred language in the Interprefy Select app. The original speaker is then auto-muted, while a professional interpreter translates live. When the interpreter stops speaking, the audio automatically switches back to the original speaker. 

“The new normal of connecting remotely offers an unprecedented opportunity for event organizers to attract a wider and more diverse audience,” says Annett Polaszewski-Plath, CEO of Interprefy, adding that it allows “meeting organizers to democratize access to the conversation by offering a truly multilingual experience, where everybody listens and speaks in a language they’re proficient in.”

The new app joins another recent announcement from the company: In early December, Interprefy debuted a partnership with virtual hybrid and event platform Accelevents, meaning that interpretation services are now readily available for any meeting hosted on the platform. Explains Accelevents CEO Jonathan Kazarian, “With our partnership with Interprefy, our platform is now equipped with the tools to connect people around the world in any language."