Travel Gear to Make Your Trip Smoother


Check out this list of travel gear to ensure your next vacation or business trip is smooth sailing.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

[inlinead align="left"][/inlinead] You never know who you may sit next to on the airplane. A restless baby? A chatty neighbor? Slip on those noise-cancelling headphones to drown out the surrounding sounds as you focus on your music, podcasts or audiobook. This slick device provides deep and clear sound from the Active EQ and TriPort Technology, and you can switch to aware mode at the press of a button when you need to hear what’s around you. iOS, Samsung and Android $249 



Gonex Packing Cubes

Pack smarter and lighter with these versatile packing cubes. Pick from 18 sets to keep your clothes from shuffling around in your suitcase or duffle bag. With the mesh-top panels, you’ll easily see what’s in each cube. The cubes range from extra small to extra large, so you can pack a variety of sizes and styles. $9.99-$37.99

Mophie Juice Pack Phone

When your battery starts to lose juice, slip on this battery case to bring it back to life. This protective case charges your phone and extends the battery life for up to 30 hours, and the built-in sage charge prevents it from overcharging and overheating. iOS and Samsung $99.95

Paravel Fold-Up Backpack 

[inlinead align="left"][/inlinead] This functional backpack is the best for an on-the-go adventure. Keep the small pouch tucked away in your suitcase or duffle and when you’re ready to use it, unfold the pouch as it expands into a full-size backpack. This nylon bag comes in multiple colors to match any style. $65




Tarriss Jetsetter Digital Luggage Scale

[inlinead align="left"][/inlinead] Do you overpack and not realize it until you’re paying for overweight luggage? Avoid the dreaded overweight baggage fees with this small, but mighty digital luggage scale. The scale has a 100-pound weight capacity and also has an overload indicator that shows when bags exceed the limit. $14.97




Travelon Multi-Bag Stacker

[inlinead align="left"][/inlinead] Traveling with multiple bags? Attach this bag stacker to your suitcase and you can easily pull up to four suitcases with one hand. The strap has 3 hooks that can attach to the top handles of three rolling bags, totes or a briefcase. $13.65


Sharper Image Multi-Access 360 Degree Carry-On Luggage

If you travel a lot for business, this smart, stylish carry-on suitcase is what laptop dreams are made of. The luggage has a front compartment that allows for quick access to reach a 13-inch or 15-inch laptop, without having to unzip the whole suitcase. $149.99