What Inspires You?

We asked event professionals what inspires them during COVID-19. Here are their answers.

What Inspires You?

In this time of crisis, everyone needs inspiration to keep pushing forward. We asked event professionals from across the country to share what inspires them. Here is a sample of answers. We will share more as the country continues to fight the coronavirus.

“The thought of working hard for the best possible life for my family.” —Matt Schechter, Regional Director, National Accounts, NYC & Co

“I’m inspired by the dedication of health care workers. The long hours, lack of supplies, and risk would wear on me, but I am so impressed and awed by their commitment to people and to the oath that they took to care for others.” —Natalie Intondi, Meeting Planner, National Governors Association Meetings Division

“In these trying times knowing that planners and suppliers are coming together to support each other as much as they can.”—Jeff Dougherty, AKA Mr. Sacramento, Director of California State Association Sales, Visit Sacramento.

“Despite all of the negative news in the world, my association is still working hard together and stronger than before. Uplifting each other to ensure the stress and anxiety of being quarantined doesn’t prevent us from losing sight of the greater goal. Our greater goal is to provide our members, Family Medicine Physicians, the tools to succeed during this crisis.”—Annie Tebow, Senior Meeting Planner, American Academy of Family Physicians

“I’m inspired that in the worst of times, the best in people usually comes to the forefront. I think that’s especially true in the hospitality industry. The Wynn took the noble step of pledging to pay all its employees during this crisis. Restaurants have had to close, but so many have rallied to offer deliver and take-out to people in need of food. Las Vegas may be all about glitz and glamour, but it’s also very much a community that rallies together to lift each other up in dire times.” —Donald Contursi, CIS, President, Lip Smacking Food Tour