Customize Your Swag

What will you see more of in event swag in the future? Customized, wearable and functional products. Here are a few examples of popular swag options: Custom Labels Self-adhesive labels by Bottle Your Brand (pictured above) can be slapped on everything from bottles of water and wine to salsa jars and hot sauces. Retail giant Nordstrom is a fan (the company uses them for its private-label water), as is designer Michael Kors, who is working with BYB to release a new line of labels for events. Stylus Bracelets Never lose a stylus again. The Vanessa Bracelet and Stylus is ideal for tech-savvy crowds who love the handwriting app on their tablet but hate keeping up with a stylus. Available in six different colors, it’s essentially a rubber slap bracelet with a stylus pointer on one end. Statement Sunglasses A popular pick among the youngsters (think sorority and fraternity events), Retro Specs feature vibrant colors and vintage-style pinhole prints on the lenses. A must-have for any sunny outdoor event. Custom USB Drives Tiny robots, multi-function Swiss Army knife knock-offs, miniature soda pop cans—just a sampling of the kitschy USB drives coming out of Custom USB. The company features a large selection of ready-to-order drives but also works with clients to create completely unique designs. Adult Sippy Cups Wine pairs well with picnics. Wine glasses? Not so much. Hence the inspiration behind the spill-resistant Vino2Go wine tumbler, a double-wall acrylic container that appears to have a wine glass nested inside.  
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