How to Skip the Lines at Airport Security

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If you travel often for work, waiting in line at airport security can be maddening, especially when you’ve got your shoe/belt/laptop removal system down to a quick science. A line is a line, and you have to wait your turn. Except you really don’t. Here’s how to bypass snaking security lines. TSA PreCheck Frequent fliers on American, Delta, Southwest and an increasing number of other airlines can take part in Transportation Security Administration’s PreCheck program. It’s free, and to become part of the program, you agree to let American or Delta share your frequent flier information with the TSA, which approves travelers for the program. Members are reassessed every year. About 35 airports honor PreCheck. Free Clear Private enterprise Clear has introduced a way to help travelers avoid lines. Frequent fliers can buy an identity card with embedded iris scans and fingerprints, which allows them to skip the TSA identification process. Available in Orlando, Denver and San Francisco airports, Clear lets travelers go straight to security screening after scanning their Clear cards on the card reader. $179 annually Global Entry Forget domestic lines. If you often travel internationally, you know what real delays are like. Going through customs and immigration can be a beast. Global Entry, operated by the Customs and Border Protection agency, lets authorized travelers re-enter the United States after stopping at an electronic kiosk rather than going through an entry interview. To become a program participant, travelers have to fill out an online questionnaire and agree to a background check. If approved, an in-person meeting with an immigration agent is the final step. Global Entry is available at 26 U.S. airports and five in Canada. $100 Source: The New York Times