January/February 2015 | The Future Issue

The Future Issue is about the future of meetings and what 2025 holds. For decades, popular culture has portrayed an often comical, sometimes apocalyptic and usually entertaining view of a future populated by helpful robots, flying machines and oversized computers. But surprisingly, those visions foreshadowed what was to come—controlled environments, multiple-screen computers and even phones that allowed colleagues in different locations to conference at the same time. What are futurists predicting as the future of meetings for 2025?

What follows is a peek at what may transpire in the exciting decade ahead.

In 2025, you probably won’t be greeting attendees with handouts. As attention spans continue to dwindle and eco-friendly options rise, you’ll need to increase efforts to keep audience interest. High-definition displays have been the expectation for years, and 4K TVs with curved screens will be the norm soon. The future of personal displays might look something like Flexpad, a handheld display created by Fluid Interfaces Group at MIT Media Lab that can be filled with information remotely and bent or deformed to transform visuals in an engaging way.

Individual agendas and goals are going to drive events as we go forward, and being able to embrace them is key. So much is in place, but we still are not doing much to prepare attendees before they hit the reception desk. Most people are reading the agenda on the plane on their way to the event or when they’ve already checked in. They don’t know what to expect, so they aren’t prepared for true engagement. We need to start the discussion and education before they arrive.

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