How This Event Technology Can Help Guests Feel Safe Gathering Again

See how this touch-free temperature-checking technology can help bring attendees back to live meetings and events safely. 

Temperature Check

Halfway through 2020, event professionals are no longer strangers to pivoting in-person events to the virtual environment. But as we look to the future, how can we give people the confidence to gather again? Event technology might be the solution.

Enter event pro Bruce Pike of Washington, D.C.-based Pike Productions, who set out to answer the question in March by pivoting to focus on event technology that could help bring live events back post-COVID-19. The end result? Temperature Check, a hands-free thermal temperature checking solution designed as a first line of prevention to make guests feel safe gathering—and ultimately shift the event industry back to in-person conferences, corporate meetings, trade shows, and more.

As for when the inspiration sparked, Pike notes that holding an oddly shaped thermometer up to a guest’s forehead is no way to greet them. “If we intend on creating fun and inviting atmospheres for our client’s events, then the way temperatures are taken need to change," he says. 

As event venues and meeting spaces begin to slowly reopen by implementing prevention and safety measures, Temperature Check's four products—which come in the form of floor stands, desktop stands, or wall mounts—utilize infrared technology to scan and measure the temperature of a person’s skin within two seconds. Between TC-Prevent, a face scanner with mask recognition technology, and TC-WristTemp, which scans the skin temperature of your wrist, Pike says that guests will “appreciate the fact that [event planners] are doing what we can to keep them safe in a non-intrusive way."

Event organizers and business owners can purchase one of Temperature Check’s products (from $1,295) directly from the website, as Pike designed the technology for “any business that relies on a person walking through the door.” Product rentals, however, are available exclusively for event professionals.

Pike suggests, “We recommend creating a 'prevention station' at the entrance of your event, where guests can walk in, get their temperature taken, grab some hand sanitizer, and even a branded mask as they enter the event and have a great time."