The Flashpoint (May 19 Edition)

Blackstone Group agreed to purchase Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas for $1.73 billion. The deal—which is worth 17 times the 2013 cash flow according to JP Morgan—is a good sign for future real estate deals on the strip, according to analysts. Galveston, Texas, saw a five percent increase in tourism dollars in 2013, topping $687 million for the year. The record-breaking figure equated to more than $950 million in total economic impact, according to Pennsylvania-based Tourism Economics. This Memorial Day, U.S. travel is expected to be the second highest total on the roads and in the skies since 2000, according to AAA. The travel organization expects more than 36 million people to travel this weekend, a 1.5 percent increase from a year ago. A woman with an infant son was asked to leave the National Restaurant Association tradeshow. Kristin Osborne was carrying her 10-day-old baby with her and was asked to leave for safety reasons, according to the organizers. Google Glass—now available for $1,500—has launched several new apps designed for Glass users who are traveling. FourSquare, OpenTable, TripIt, and WordLens have Glass-specific apps in hopes of keeping tech-savvy users active on their platforms. Levi’s Stadium will open this August in Santa Clara—and will be the home of the NFL’s San Francisco 49ers. Local developers have plans on the books for new developments hoping to capitalize on the stadium pulling tourists and locals to the area.