Lessons from the Millennial Entrepreneur Behind My House Social

My House Social
I’m a confident, passionate, 27-year-old CEO with a growing, all-female team. I was honored to be chosen as a Connect 40 Under 40 and cannot wait to network and meet everyone in New Orleans in August for Connect. My company, My House Social, is revolutionizing the corporate event industry's stale food landscape with unique culinary customization. We partner with innovative chefs and food trucks to bring a diverse mix of fare to corporate events and beyond. Here’s our story.

The Beginning

I started waitressing at an upscale restaurant in New Orleans after moving here after attending college in Michigan. I began hosting pop-up dinner events at my house featuring up-and-coming chefs and the innovative dishes they weren’t able to create at their restaurant jobs. Bringing people together over a great meal is my biggest passion. Word spread and I was soon unable to keep up with the demand. The obvious had finally set in: I am and always was meant to be an entrepreneur.


My House Social had reached a turning point where it was ready to grow into something bigger. I’d recently gotten back from my first trip to Portland, Oregon, where I was inspired by the food truck movement that was just starting to hit New Orleans. I began organizing food truck festivals in addition to the pop-ups. (Fun fact: Millennials are the food truck generation; 47 percent of them say they’ve eaten from a food truck.) My shift mirrored a generational shift. Food truck courts, food halls and markets continue to open and the trend is not going away.

A-ha Moment

In tandem with a deep pride for tradition, New Orleans embraces innovation. My House Social is driven to continue raising the bar both locally and on a national scale. In 2013, My House Social was approached by Microsoft to coordinate eight food trucks for its annual conference of 8,000 people. This was my real introduction to the corporate events world. I understood through this event that because planners handle infinite details, they must be able to trust their caterer will deliver on large volumes. Yet catering options for large-volume corporate events were tired and overplayed, and guests were ready for something new.


Today, My House Social collaborates with innovative food trucks and chefs to offer a high-touch catering experience guests won’t forget. The sky’s the limit when we work with multiple specialty vendors on menus uniquely curated for each corporate event. e delight in empowering culinary entrepreneurs to grow their businesses and realize their visions. In five years, My House Social has transformed from a public festival-orientated company to a business focusing on revolutionizing the culinary experience at private events. We bridge the disconnect between event planners (often producing events in unfamiliar places) and creative local culinary entrepreneurs and the trends they’re cooking up. We are thrilled to be working nationally this summer with large brands such as Kellogg in Chicago, and we’re just getting started.