10 Leadership Lessons From Champion Peyton Manning

Peyton Manning has a lot to celebrate these days now that he’s a two-time Super Bowl champion after the Denver Broncos’ win over the Carolina Panthers. Manning’s success is not from the luck of the draw. His leadership skills are hard-earned and proven over time. In May 2015, Manning spoke at Leadercast Live in Atlanta. In his own words, here are a few leadership tips and tricks that got him to the highest level of accomplishment in his field. >>> Don’t be a leader who is just a facade or a nameplate on the door. >>> Sense things other people do not, and make sure you have the guts and resources to act on what you’re sensing. >>> Devote yourself to intense preparation. >>> Invest in a coach. It doesn’t matter how seasoned anyone is, everyone can use a coach to point out what works, but more candidly, what doesn’t. >>> Find a way to instill trust in others. >>> Don’t be afraid to recognize when it’s time to draw a new baseline. Don’t be afraid of change. >>> Become a master observer. Identify the things that have the greatest meaning. >>> Your personal goals should directly and positively impact the team goals. >>> Have the assurance and swagger of a winner, but never be convinced that your accomplishments are made alone. >>> Don’t get comfortable. It’s all about finishing. Photo by Jeffrey Beall