4 New Ideas for Teambuilding

Finding an engaging teambuilding activity that doesn't feel cheesy or forced can be a challenge, especially amongst business-oriented groups. Here are four ideas to liven up your teambuilding plans: 1. Art as Teambuilding Artist Gregory Adamson (pictured) is known for the “oohs” and “aahs” he gets from the crowd when he performs his fast-paced paintings of celebrities, sports legends, historical leaders and more onstage. But in the near future, he’s expanding his creative repertoire to include teambuilding exercises for corporate groups. A former corporate banking executive himself, Adamson says he sat through a fair share of teambuilding exercises and motivational speeches that nearly put him to sleep—and some of his engaging ideas promise to do anything but. For example, in one activity, each participant gets a small canvas with a shape sketched on it and is instructed to paint inside the shape. Collectively, the team must arrange each individual canvas into one large painting, like a puzzle. Only a few people will know how the final image should look, so they will be tasked with directing other team members to do it correctly. 2. Be a Kid Again Guests can take a nostalgic turn in the kitchen making Rice Krispies treats or decorating cupcakes, followed by crafting sessions or childhood games like Heads Up Seven Up, Simon Says and Telephone. Afterward, enjoy treats like mini PB&J sandwiches, Twinkies, ants on a log and retro candy. Sir Francis Drake, San Francisco 3. Rancher for the Day This program breaks up groups into small teams and assigns tasks within a “What a Horse Can Teach You” theme on the ranch. Activities include catching a horse without any instruction or leading a horse through an obstacle course, which must be accomplished within a specific timeframe. Blue Sky Ranch, Park City, Utah 4. Bear Grylls Survival Academy To satisfy an adventure-loving group, this action-packed itinerary can be customized to fit any skill level and range from a few hours to a few days. Options include learning how to make fire without matches, cross a river, purify water for drinking, build your own shelter and scale dangerous obstacles. Various locations in the United States, United Kingdom and Africa Photo credit: Britt Brickel