The Importance of Personalization for Meeting Groups

The Importance of Personalization for Meeting Groups

There are several ingredients that go into making an off-site meeting a success. Outlining goals and booking the right venue that suits your company’s needs are just a couple. One key item that is also important to consider is choosing a venue that prioritizes personalization, from meeting space size to food to activities, finding a fit for everyone in your group.

Diverse Details

In addition to securing a venue that offers customized choices for standard items like meeting space, it’s important to think about diversifying the details. For instance, food options customizing menus for guests.

With the percentage of American adults following a specific diet protocol more than doubling over the last year, tailored menus and dining options are crucial. Whether attendees are seeking Keto, vegan or diets restricted for allergy reasons, having a diversified menu of choices ensures a happy group across the board.

With eight diverse food and beverage options on property, as well as a catering team that focuses on personalization and quality, Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort is an ideal destination for groups with varying palates and needs. Menus feature a wide range of cuisine, not just the obvious locally inspired choices, like fresh fish, but classic favorites as well like filet mignon, chicken piccata or Portuguese mussels.

Look for the extra-special details, too. For instance, during breakout sessions, a flavored hydration station with cucumber or mint-infused waters is a refreshing and often unexpected treat. Small details like this help guests make the event their own, and can have a large impact on the overall success of the meeting.

Beyond food and beverage, it’s important to ensure diversified activities, as well. No one wants to spend time away for a meeting and not have a little fun! Picking a meeting venue that offers a diverse menu of extracurricular options, like entertainment events or wellness activities, can help group members unwind and bond after a long day of learning.

Striking the right balance of activities is important to make sure there is something for everyone—whether it’s an upbeat live concert or a relaxing yoga class by the ocean. Spa time is a great way to help attendees feel pampered, as well, giving them what we in Margaritaville like to call “License to Chill.”

Tailored Teambuilding Offerings

Teambuilding activities are a great way to improve communication and productivity, helping attendees to get to know each other better and helping companies achieve ultimate collaboration. It’s important to choose a venue that offers flexible activities that can be used by any business, large or small, and understands that team-building events that weave in effective coaching, friendly competition and plenty of fun are key to building great teamwork.

Consider choosing a place to host your meeting or event that offers unique team-building options that are authentic to, and inspired by, the destination. For example, at Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort, we offer a sandcastle building competition or a margarita mixology class, both fitting for our beach-front locale and inspired by the fun and escapism of the Margaritaville brand.

Choosing a venue that checks these boxes will ensure your attendees feel comfortable in the setting, having an array of choices to help them connect in the most genuine, efficient, memorable way.

Michael Cook is Margaritaville Hollywood Beach Resort’s Director of Sales. He has years of experience in hotels across Florida.