2014 Groundbreakers | Mark Lorimer, Eventive Group

Mark Lorimer, CMP, has planned more than 600 meetings and events throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and Africa as the founding partner of Eventive Group, now in its 15th year serving corporate, nonprofit and association meetings and events. He is a past president of the Orange County (California) Chapter of MPI and served on the board of directors for five years. Prior to his career in meeting planning, he served for 15 years in local government administration and community development. “He loves what he does, and that shows through in everything he does,” says Whitney Wilson, also of the Eventive Group. “He is the first one to get in the office and the last one to leave. I love talking to him about the industry, because even though I have a fraction of his experience, he is always willing to listen to new ideas and give credit where credit is due.” Lorimer on the Future of Meetings “I’m certain that meetings will be a major focus for business and social interaction for many years and probably generations. The need for more sophisticated personal and intellectual interaction means job security for us all. What will change is the creativity with which interaction is expressed and structured. Rapid, complex new technologies will continue to demand planners find significantly different ways to present ourselves—new formats, new types of venues and new methods of distributing information. An infinite volume of new metrics on our groups will greatly enhance how we provide services. The planner who focuses an open mind and eye on the creative and in some way helps to advance it will succeed in the industry.”