2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Andrew Roby

Andrew Roby, 38, is the CEO of Andrew Roby Events. He's based in Washington, D.C.

2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Andrew Roby

Andrew Roby, 38
CEO, Andrew Roby Events, Washington, D.C.

What I do:
I call myself an event storyteller because it’s my job to create event experiences based on the personality and soul of our clients. My team brings people together around worthy causes that change communities. I’m also a champion for diversity, equity and inclusion within the event industry because we all have a place in this world.

How I got here:
As I transitioned out of the Army, I started volunteering to help plan small fundraisers. After working for a few event firms, I decided to go into business for myself, and the rest is history.

My greatest career accomplishment:
I am extremely proud of two things in my event career: the team that I have built who I could not do this without, and the clients who allow us to help turn their concepts into magical moments I’d never trade for anything. 

Impressive stats:
For most of our corporate events, we have been able to save our clients $60,000 or more on their event budgets. We have increased efficiency for returning annual events by 25%. Every single event we have produced has allowed our clients to see the advantages of a diverse group of event professionals.

A specific improvement I’ve made: 
We are taking full advantage of video tech and how we connect and present content in video form not only for ourselves, but for our clients.

What I'm working on right now: 
My team and I are looking forward to working with a state client on building the necessary venue infrastructure for hybrid events. I’m personally looking forward to delving deeper into interior design and bridging that with what I do to design event spaces.

Facebook: andrewrobyevents
Instagram: @andrewrobyevents