2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Cindy Smith, CMM, VEMM

Cindy Smith, 38, is the Owner and Founder of SocialHouse Event Co. She's based in Woodland, Calif.

2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Cindy Smith, CMM, VEMM

Cindy Smith, CMM, VEMM, 38
Owner and Founder, SocialHouse Event Co., Woodland, Calif.

What I do:
My goal is to give my clients an end product that not only meets their goals and objectives but exceeds their expectations. Whether it’s a fresh perspective to reimagine a conference or creating custom-branded event kits, working together as a team is what makes the experience. 

Impressive stats:
Coordinating a 1,000-person black-tie gala and raising over $1 million in one night while staying under my allotted budget, all within my first six months at the organization. 

A specific improvement I’ve made:
Creating a new facility rental program with pricing packages, policies and procedures for clients, vendors and internal staff to abide by, including elaborate details and guidelines for security.  

What I'm working on right now:
Now that in-person and virtual events continue to change and take shape, it has been exciting to create new partnerships to bring innovations to both virtual and live platforms through 360-degree experiences. I look forward to developing new ideas for hybrid event models.  

What I do outside of work: 
As a mother of two, much of my free time is dedicated to making sure they have unique wonderful experiences of their own. I also have a passion for the arts and museums, and believe strongly in philanthropy. I sit on a few local committees including an organization that brings arts education to youth in public schools. [I also] serve on the membership committee member for my local Meeting Professional International (MPI) chapter, and am a committee member for the North American Association for Commencement Officers.  

Favorite vacation destination:
As cliché as it sounds, Paris is one of my most nostalgic places as my favorite art museum, Musée d'Orsay, is there. From croissants to historic city streets, Paris is filled with experiences for all your senses. Plus, as an avid coffee lover and shopping fanatic, every block has something.  

Favorite icebreaker line: 
I ask people what positive change the pandemic has brought. I know that many of us can name the negative aspects, but I like people to reflect on what that the past year may have brought positive parts to their lives as well.

Travel hack: 
Hotel plastic shower caps as shoe covers for packing and now, always pack multiple masks.

Instagram: @socialhouseeventco