2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Kelsey Reckless, CMP, HMCC

Kelsey Reckless, 36, is a Meeting Planner for Cardinal Health. She's based in Dublin, Ohio.

2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Kelsey Reckless, CMP, HMCC

Kelsey Reckless, CMP, HMCC, 36
Meeting Planner, Cardinal Health, Dublin, Ohio

What I do:
I am part of a team of planners, and I personally manage 10 to 12 programs annually, varying in complexity and scope, including C-suite programs. 

How I got here:
I started in hotels, first in catering sales and then as a CSM. Through my involvement with MPI Ohio and networking, I was made aware of my current position’s opening and I knew it was the next step. 

Impressive stats:
In January 2020 (pre-pandemic), 350 VPs were getting ready to travel to our headquarters for a weeklong strategy meeting. I got a phone call 72 hours before we were set to be on-site that something happened within the business that was out of our control. We had to cancel everything. With a lot of effective negotiation, my sourcing partner and I were able to save the company roughly $50,000 in fees.  

A specific improvement I’ve made:
In March 2020, our company canceled all in-person meetings for April and May. It became clear meetings were going virtual for the foreseeable future. I created several documents to use to help our meeting owners navigate this new way of engaging their teams.

What I do outside of work:
I serve as the vice president of education for MPI Ohio. This is my fifth year serving on the board of directors. I am passionate about education and advocacy for our industry. I also enjoy doing family activities with my husband and our three children.

Favorite vacation destination:
I love the beach. The Gulf Coast specifically with its amazing ocean views helps me to relax and recharge. Closer to home, I enjoy hiking with my family.

Favorite icebreaker line:
"Tell me more about what you do." People are more comfortable talking about themselves, so this question allows them to comfortably share and get the conversation going.

Travel hack:
I always bring a travel-size bottle of Downy Wrinkle Releaser. It freshens your clothes and helps ease wrinkles from being packed in a suitcase. Double-duty! 

Instagram: @kelseyreckless
Twitter: @kreckless22