2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Megan M. Seppmann, CVP

Megan M. Seppmann, 34, is the Vice President of Sales for Wisconsin Center District. She's based in Milwaukee.

2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Megan M. Seppmann, CVP

Megan M. Seppmann, CVP, 34
Vice President of Sales, Wisconsin Center District, Milwaukee

What I do:
I am responsible for maximizing revenue and space utilization opportunities across our three venues: the Wisconsin Center, UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena and Miller High Life Theatre. I’m also the primary liaison between Visit Milwaukee, our DMO partner and Levy Restaurants, our exclusive food and beverage provider. 

How I got here: 
I attribute my success to being perceptive, asking questions, and building an unbelievable network of colleagues, clients and friends. As we all know, the hospitality, events and DMO industry is in the business of bringing people together. We live in a world where collaboration is key and connecting with one another is critical. I’m a team player and committed to seeing everyone succeed. When the client is happy, we all win.

My greatest career accomplishment:
Navigating the ins and outs of COVID-19 and leading my team through what has been an unbelievable time of uncertainty. Even though COVID-19 will eventually be behind us, one thing is certain: How you treated and led your team members and clients through this journey will not be forgotten. 

Impressive stats:
In 2019, I oversaw combined teams that generated $500 million in annual revenue and over $1.3 billion in annual economic impact. Moving forward, my focus has been on rebooking 95% of the business at the WCD facilities that was either canceled or postponed during 2020 and 2021. 

What I'm working on right now:
Come 2024, the Wisconsin Center’s footprint will double in size. I’m excited to be working with our team on this expansion project in Milwaukee.

What I do outside of work:
I’m honored to sit on the Big Brothers Big Sisters of Metro Milwaukee Board of Directors and to be a six-year award recipient of the Pinnacle Award. I also mentor the next generation of hospitality graduates coming out of Southwest Minnesota State University (SMSU). SMSU is my alma mater, and I created the Megan M. Seppmann Hospitality Scholarship for students in their senior year of the Hospitality Management program. I am an avid organizer, have a passion for interior design and am a pro at food prepping for the week.
Favorite vacation destination:
Weekend getaways to beach destinations keep my pulse pumping. Palm trees, pools, and local food and beverage experiences are a top priority. I also love getting a new stamp in my passport. 

Favorite icebreaker line: 
Typically, I start morning coffee networking events with “I’ll take my coffee black... like my soul,” which makes everyone in the room pause. First, it’s unexpected, and second, that’s the exact opposite of who I actually am as a person. When a meeting concludes, my closing line is always “make good choices,” which can be applied to every decision anyone is going to make that day. Make good choices on a personal level, or make good choices professionally and for the good of the business.

Travel hack: 
Having a healthy snack in my bag at all times is a must because let’s be honest, “hangry” is a real thing. You don’t always know where your next meal will be when you’re traveling, so you’ve got to be prepared!