2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Meta Jane Nelson

Meta Jane Nelson, 26, is the Founder and Speaker Agent for Meta Speakers LLC. She's based in College Station, Texas.

2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Meta Jane Nelson

Meta Jane Nelson, 26 
Founder and Speaker Agent, Meta Speakers LLC, College Station, Texas

What I do:
I represent professional speakers and talent who authentically bring value to events. Darren Woodson and Dr. Natalie Stavas are my flagship speakers, and I’m honored to manage their speaking careers. From availability to negotiating contracts to getting them to their AV checks on time, I do it all. I love spreading messages of hope, leadership, resiliency and truth at events.  

How I got here:
I’ve been in the meetings space, specifically the speaking industry, since 2014. I jumped into planning in 2020 and that was a [heck] of an experience. Relearning how to plan events in a pandemic was a challenge; however, I’m back and motivated to build my own company. I have to give a huge high-five to everyone who has been (and still is) putting on virtual events. The industry has truly persevered with impressive, mighty force. Pat yourself on the back or go get yourself some Chipotle—that’s how I celebrate my accomplishments.

Impressive stats:
I do believe I am the youngest woman in the industry to open her own speaking agency. 

A specific improvement I’ve made:
When I was producing events last year, I pieced together a customer experience program that was not only highly successful, but easy to pass on when I left.

My greatest career accomplishment:
Having Darren Woodson, a man I hold in the highest regard, call me and tell me he wanted me to manage his speaking business—that was the beginning of my "I think I can do this" perspective that led to so much growth and, ultimately, led to me starting my own company. 

What I'm working on right now:
Learning to be a business owner. I’m also planning a cross-country music tour for my husband’s Texas country band, but that’s a thrilling story for another time. 

Facebook: metaspeakers
Instagram: @metaspeakers