2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Ruth Gorriz, CMP, DES, HMCC

Ruth Gorriz, 37, is Manager of Planning for MCI Group Canada Inc. She's based in Toronto.

2021 Connect Corporate 40 Under 40: Ruth Gorriz, CMP, DES, HMCC

Ruth Gorriz, CMP, DES, HMCC, 37
Manager, Planning, MCI Group Canada Inc., Toronto

What I do:
I manage the planning department. I’m responsible for all aspects of event design and concept creation, including overall strategy, sourcing, planning, budget development and contract negotiations for all corporate clients.

How I got here:
When I moved to Canada, my extensive experience in Europe both as a corporate planner and with third parties helped me to quickly start working for a Canadian association. I then moved back to the corporate world with a financial institution. After a few great years, I started working at MCI in 2017 and have been promoted twice in two and a half years.  

My greatest career accomplishment:
I’m originally from Spain and moved to Canada in 2011. Before Canada, I’d lived in three other countries. I’m proud that I have been able to continue my career within the MICE industry despite challenges.

Impressive stats:
In 2020, when the world was hit by COVID-19 and the whole industry was forced to evolve at an impossible pace, I was the integral leading force in designing over 60 virtual event proposals, helping our clients transition from in-person to virtual events.

What I'm working on right now:
I’m excited about working again on in-person events. I can’t wait to put this pandemic behind us. It will be great to start operating international programs again and sending corporate groups to some of the many amazing destinations out there. I particularly enjoy designing international incentives, and I’m currently working on a few groups for late 2021 and 2022, and looking into air connectivity, hotel specs, group activities and offsite venues again brings a smile to my face!

What I do outside of work:
I am a foodie who loves spending time with my friends and family, traveling around the world. I’m also pretty much into any sport. I’m also the proud mom of the cutest Goldendoodle on earth: Pepe.

Favorite vacation destination:
When you live abroad, far from your family, the best possible vacation is going back home and spending time with your family and friends. To get your mom to cook you your favorite meals.

Favorite icebreaker line:
"That [food or beverage] looks great. Where did you find it?"

Travel hack:
Portable charger and strategic packing: Think well what you are going to wear, choose versatile clothing and maximize the space in your suitcase by rolling your clothes, using packing cubes or trying the “bundle technique.”