3 Ways to Spice Up Room Drop Swag Bags

There has to be a better way. It's time to reinvent the room drop.

3 Ways to Spice Up Room Drop Swag Bags

Nothing says swag like a reusable tote bag stuffed with brochures and bulky notebooks attendees will probably throw away. Right? 

1) Go Green

Companies like Virtual Event Bags can help curate digital swag bags with gifts from your sponsors—think a voucher for a bottle of wine or a beach towel. Guests can claim them once they’re home, so it doesn’t become one more thing to squeeze into a carry-on.

2) Have S’more

Create s’mores kits customized with your event or sponsor logo printed on a big marshmallow, courtesy of Candy With a Twist. You can even host a bonfire night for a reception and encourage people to BYOM (bring your own ’mallows).

3) Drinks on Demand

Think of this as a party—ahem, networking opportunity—in a box. Cocktail Courier works with groups to create custom boxes with all the ingredients, from the alcohol down to the garnish, for up to eight DIY drinks.