40 Under 40: Gregorio B. Palomino, CRE8AD8

Gregorio B. Palomino 2017 40 Under 40 Connect Corporate Meeting Architects

Gregorio B. Palomino, CSEP, CMM, CTA, 34, works in San Antonio as founder and CEO of CRE8AD8. As a 2017 40 Under 40 honoree, Palomino discusses his passion for the events industry

*Connect with Palomino on Instagram. What I do: I run my company with heart, passion and fun. Aside from the daily duties of making sure we’re doing the right things, I try to plan about two events a month to keep my skills and knowledge in great shape. I mix this up with meetings, incentive trips, weddings and some social events. I am also tasked with being the backup to many of CRE8AD8’s talented staff. How I got here: I started in sales and marketing at the age of 16 with Victoria’s Secret and thereafter joined FedEx and UPS in producing events in my early 20s. I decided owning my own business was the way to go, and in 2007, I started CRE8AD8 to create freedom, time and something unique to an industry that didn’t have enough of it. We quickly gained ground by planning and producing events for Fortune 500 companies within the first six months in business. The rest is history! Impressive stats: CRE8AD8 managed more than $90 million in budgets in 2016. We’ve amassed over 60 awards in nine years and are regularly featured as one of the fastest-growing companies both in our industry and within the general business community. We plan and execute hundreds of programs annually, most of which are repeat clients we’ve built relationships with over the years. Our clients give us the opportunity, and our vendors make us look great! A specific improvement I’ve made: Implementing creative technology has been a great asset to us and to our clients. We can create artwork from sound, music or general attendance metrics to give an added feature to events. We’ve incorporated cool things such as drones, virtual tours and extreme pre-/post-events for guests and attendees to elevate the experience. What I’m working on: We’re getting our clients to step into unreal realms. We are taking science, art, technology and the future to create environments and atmospheres touching all five senses. What I do outside of work: I am on the boards of the YMCA and Chamber Orchestra of San Antonio and spend much of my free time helping my church plan events. I play golf when I can and love meeting up with friends during the day. My life is full of flexibility, so having lunch with friends, playing darts over drinks in the afternoon or picking up the kids early from day care and bonding with them are things that happen every week. Phrases that identify me: Husband; father; planner; serial entrepreneur; friend