5 Things Millennials Want at Meetings

Dan Schwabel, an event speaker and New York Times best-selling author, authored a recent whitepaper for the American Program Bureau about what the newest segment of event attendees—Millennials who are largely in their 20s—prefer at meetings. Here’s what he found they want: 1. Big Cities: Young people prefer to live in and visit large urban cities with lots of entertainment options. They want the same for events. 2. Live Polling: Almost three-quarters of all Millennials say they want to be participatory and take part in live polls during sessions. 3. Career Networking Opportunities: A notable 86 percent of Millennials view events as beneficial to their careers, and they want the opportunity to network and grow their contact lists. 4. Interactive Education: Contests, games and playful education sessions are preferred among the majority of younger event attendees. 5. Guidance: Structure and instructions help younger event attendees—many of whom have not attended meetings regularly—feel more at ease and increase their likeliness to participate.