Advice for Newbies: How to Make the Most Out of Connect Marketplace

Connect Marketplace|Connect Marketplace 2
Will you be a newbie at Connect Marketplace in Grapevine, Texas? Have no fear; we gathered tips from some of #ConnectMP's (our hashtag!) veterans that should go a long way toward you making the most of your time there. “I brought a bud vase with a fresh flower from the hotel garden to sit next to my business cards; set one chair sideways for folks to set their bags on; and prepared a short list of fun topics to talk about with vendors I wouldn’t be able to do business with. Why not get to know more about them as to not waste time?” Kevin Cohee, Do An Event “Attend all the meals, especially breakfast. Even if you had a lot of fun the evening before, the guest speakers are something you don’t want to miss.” Danielle Mazzaferro, CMP, HelmsBriscoe “Before Marketplace begins, sleep! It’s a very busy schedule, but it’s all worth it. You can sleep [again] when you get home.” —Carla Marshall, EmCare “Take advantage of the Connect staff roaming the trade show floor to locate suppliers you have interest in meeting with who might not have made your schedule.” —Norah Marr, CMP, CMM, ConferenceDirect “For suppliers: If you’re meeting with a third-party planner, they probably have more than one client, so even if your hotel isn’t a match for the client they’re representing, it may be a great fit for one of their other groups.” —Ricky Hopkins, ConferenceDirect “Share your contact information via Airdrop or take photos of business cards.”Staceyann M. Van Horne, Laerdal Medical “Come prepared. Most suppliers were so excited to see the event sheet I brought them. It is a list of all my events, a brief description, space needed, number of attendees and the past five locations.” —Dana Sclafani, Vector Marketing Corporation “Attend as many sessions as possible to network, network, network! I still go through business cards I received my first year for services I need today.” —Deborah W. Sidell, Siemens Healthineers “Review your appointments [ahead of time] and jot down specific notes or questions for them so your time is targeted and meaningful.” —David Fontaine, Dunkin' Brands Inc.