Carnival Food Rides High Again

On the flip side of organic juices, antioxidant-loaded-smoothies and kale-and-quinoa salads is an anti-wellness movement of sorts, inspired by a trip to the carnival. Sometimes attendees simply want to indulge—even if it’s just for one night—and whether they’re craving something savory, sweet or completely out-there, read on for five rebellious deep-fried ideas to dish out at your next event. 1. What do you call a marshmallow breaded in graham cracker crust that’s been deep fried, placed between two fried Oreos on a skewer and drizzled with chocolate? A fried s’mOreo (above), of course. 0521_CLWeb_Carneycorn 2. Get in a serving of vegetables thanks to chicken-fried corn on the cob. (Think: corn disguised as fried chicken.) 0521_CLWeb_Carney_Funnel 3. Feeding Frenzy Food Truck out of Orange County, California, puts a flavorful twist on the standard funnel cake—and can be rented for events. Its varieties like apple pie and turtle are finished with powdered sugar and whipped cream. 0521_CLWeb_carney_Sirachi 4. Turn up the heat with flash-fried Sriracha balls: shredded chicken, corn, green chilies, tomatoes and Sriracha sauce rolled in crispy tortilla chips. Take a cue from the State of Fair of Texas and serve it with a side of extra sauce for heat-seekers. 0521_CLWeb_Careney_tequilla 5. Eat your drink in the form of deep-fried sweet tea, tequila and lattes. It’s essentially a liquid-soaked doughnut—and an interesting way to take a sip or a shot.