How and Why to Talk Like Gen Z

This list of terms Gen Z uses in everyday conversation is lit.

How and Why to Talk Like Gen Z

Gen Z is the new millennial. Employers, retail giants and media are eager to capture the young generation. Don’t be shook—millennials had to grow up and become passé (soz). 

Does any of that not make much sense to you? It might be because, as every emerging generation before it, Gen Z seems to speak its own language. And odds are you’re going to need to treat the group like your bae. The best way to attract the youngsters to work for you or attend your events is to talk to them in a way they understand—no matter how wack it may seem.

Writing platform has developed a primer for you to be woke to what Gen Zers may be saying. We have to say this list is lit—and definitely not green.

Bae. Before anything (or anyone) else (pet name for significant other). Your bae is invited to the reception. 

Dank. Cool/good. The trade show booth is dank.

Fire. Awesome. Barack Obama is a keynote? That’s fire!

Green. Lame. This education session is green.

Lit. Really good. That FAM trip was lit!

Shook. Surprised. I’m shook that I am a 40 Under 40 winner.

Soz. Sorry. I’m soz I can’t make the meeting.

Sus. Suspicious (like lying). This agenda is sus.

Thirsty. Looking for attention. This attendee is thirsty—watch out for them.

Wack. Crazy. It’s wack they didn’t provide a vegan option at dinner.

Woke. Extremely aware. Courtney Stanley is woke about the #MeToo movement.