How to Stay Positive During COVID-19

Try not to be consumed with COVID-19. Rather, turn attention to your mental health.

How to Stay Positive During COVID-19

“Be concerned, but not consumed” is some of the best advice I’ve received since all this COVID-19 panic has ensued. 

More than ever, this is the time to slow down and practice self-care and energy boosting. Energy, like the virus, is contagious, and with a 24-hour news cycle, it can have negative effects on how we are feeling.  Something to note in times like these, our frequencies tend to lower, which essentially means people are more susceptible to getting sick, feeling depressed and stressed. 

This is the time to raise our vibrations and spread positivity, love and healing out into the world and within.  Here are a few tips on how you can vibrate higher to stay calm, present and healthy.

Mindset Is Everything

Be present and aware that everything around us, including our thoughts, have a massive effect on how we are feeling. If you find yourself feeling low at this time, monitor how much news you are consuming, having conversations around the virus or thinking a lot about it. We have the power to control and limit stressors and reframe negative thoughts to positive ones. 

An easy way to do this is by starting a gratitude practice. Start your morning writing down three things you are grateful for. Don’t just write them but feel them. You have the power to generate positive thoughts and feelings through gratitude. As hard as times are, know that you will get through them, and being present and grateful can change your energy and have a positive ripple effect to the people around you.   

Energy Hygiene

As much as the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is telling us to wash our hands and maintain good hygiene, we should also be doing this for our energy.  Energy hygiene is equally important right now. Some easy practices you can incorporate in your daily life are movement, meditation, getting outside in nature and getting a full night’s rest. 

  • Movement: One of the most enjoyable ways to shake off anxiety or stress is to move, and why not put on a song or two that makes you feel good and JUST DANCE?! Feelings of anxiety and stress can get stuck in our bodies.  You can release pent up emotions and feel a sense of relief by moving your body. Emotions are “energy in motion,” so shake it off and it will guarantee to lift your spirits.
  • Meditation: A great option to calm your mind and realign with yourself. Focusing on your breath for two minutes a day can be a huge help. Simply put, you are not trying to stop thoughts as that’s impossible, you are trying to focus on one thing, whether it be saying a mantra, chanting “Om” and letting your body feel those good vibrations or inhaling positivity and exhaling negativity. Set an intention to remove stress and negativity and watch it be released with a focused practice.
  • Nature: With isolation and social distancing becoming our new norm, it’s important to get outside and for a walk, if you can, and soak in the fresh air and the sun. By being in nature, studies show that it calms us and allows us to stay present and garner feelings of joy.
  • Sleep: We all know how important sleep is but we often decrease its health benefits. By having a full night’s rest, you can boost your immune system and fight off illness. Try taking an Epsom salt bath before bed to reap full relaxation and slow down your mind.

Immunity Is Power

If you’ve been to the grocery store in the past week, you’ll notice that all the bulk buying was for the unhealthy stuff. Take this time to load up on your fruits and vegetables to boost your immune system. It’s the perfect time to focus on healthy habits. By eating well, your energy, strength and vibrancy will increase, allowing you to feel the best you’ve felt in years. Some powerhouses to include in your diet are ginger, garlic, citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables and bone broth. Don’t forget to keep hydrated!

High-Vibe Activities

While we are at home, there’s no sense living your life on the couch consuming. This is the perfect time to do some high-vibe activities to get your energy and mood up. These activities could be anything that you always say you don’t have enough time for.  Things that you also might have loved to do as a child. Paint, write, color, read, make a vision board, play board games, laugh, be silly, play music. Whatever fills your soul do it and do it now as this is the time to refocus on you.

The one thing you can control is your energy and how calm, present and healthy you stay in these times.  With cancellations and postponements, this is the perfect time to rest and recharge and shift away from fear and anxiety. Events will come back and, we will be busier than ever, so focus on filling your cup now so you can vibe high when things settle. If we all took the necessary time to reenergize now, then positivity will be the only thing contagious.