In Brief | What’s in Your Emergency Planning Kit?

0717_CLWeb_RickAltmanRick Altman, Better Presenting “Our event emergency kit features a human being. One of our most loyal patrons, Patrice Perras, is a member of the French Canadian SWAT team, a registered nurse, a paramedic, a safety engineer and an unusually sociable fellow. He’s a nice person to have around! He brings a full medic pack with him to the conference, and we place our complete faith and trust in him.” 0717_CLWeb_KimThompsonKim Thompson, Sunny Delight Beverages Company “My emergency kit includes hand sanitizer, Tide stain remover, scissors, a box opener, packaging tape, Scotch tape, Sharpies, paper towels, binder clips, paper clips, a stapler, Windex, Post-It notes, a power strip, USB cords, garbage bags, a small tool kit, and a first aid kit with ibuprofen.” 0717_CLWeb_DebraSignerDebra Signer, DRS Consulting “I have several items kept in a pencil case: a stapler and staples, tape, two highlighters, six pens, iPhone and iPad chargers and adapters, paperclips, safety pins, mints, Post-It notes and cash.” 0717_CLWeb_KarlaAho Carla Aho, ConferenceDirect “My emergency items include a camera, for any potential documentation needed, and Twizzlers, because they make me happy on-site.”   0717_CLWeb_HeidiWheatleyHeidi Wheatley, J.P. Turner & Company “My event emergency kit contains my iPhone, the conference agenda, the attendee list complete with cell phone numbers, pens (because I always lose them), Advil (for guests that partied a little too hard the night before) and Dramamine (if we’re going to be on the water).” 0717_CLWeb_HeatherHerrigHeather Herrig, Every Last Detail “I try to anticipate issues that may come up for my event attendees and guests. For example, I always carry double-sided fashion tape, stain remover and each of the major types of pain reliever, just in case.”