Three Reasons to Take Your Next Meeting to the Country

Getting away to the country near a big city can have major benefits for your next event.

Three Reasons to Take Your Next Meeting to the Country

Many meeting planners are hesitant to take their meetings off the beaten path, and with good reason since these locations can have minimal airlift and other transportation challenges. 

One recommendation for meeting planners is to consider a venue that has a “Country in the City” style. This allows for a more rural and remote destination experience while being within easy access of a major city hub. Therefore, planners to provide easy access for attendees while showcasing the experiential benefits of a more secluded destination.

Having worked at a resort property tucked into the Texas Hill Country but only a 20-minute drive from downtown San Antonio, I’ve seen first-hand the benefits that can come along with a more country-inspired destination experience.

1. It Gives Attendees a Chance to Relax

A meeting venue that is tucked away from all of the busyness of a city can have a major impact on the overall attitudes and demeanor of attendees.  First off, with the quiet, calm, and peaceful nature of a destination in the country, attendees are immediately more relaxed when they arrive.  When attendees are relaxed, they are more likely to disconnect from their everyday stress, which helps them to have fun and make meaningful connections with their peers.

Additionally, without all of the distractions of a bustling metropolis right outside their doorstep, and with everything needed located on-site, an out-of-the-way venue can help attendees focus solely on the meeting at hand.

2. Planners Have Endless Customization Opportunities

Meeting planners are always looking for ways to provide their guests with unforgettable destination-focused experiences. At a venue out in the country, planners are more likely to have more distinctive meeting experiences available at their fingertips simply because there’s more space.

For example, Hyatt Regency Hill Country Resort and Spa is set on more than 300 acres giving us ample room to host any type of experience or event. We provide everything from a specialty glow-in-the-dark putt-putt course that can be set up on the resort’s golf course, to a FlowRider wave simulation machine for fun teambuilding challenges, and even a Rodeo Olympics activity where guests can take part in calf roping exercises, armadillo races, and faux cow chip tosses in our outdoor spaces.

With more space, planners have more options for customization and I always encourage them to work with the venue or a Destination Marketing Company (to find ways to best utilize the space for a one-of-a-kind meeting experience.

3. Some Fresh Air Can Go A Long Way

With the growing trend of meetings taking place in unconventional spaces, country-style destinations are an ideal setting for outdoor meetings. With a lot of wide-open space available, it is easy to find ways to get groups outdoors whether its for a cocktail reception, or even part of the general session held in nature.  Planners should schedule at least one outdoor function, with a back-up indoor venue in the case of inclement weather.  

By getting attendees outdoors, planners can ensure their guests are getting fresh air which can go a long way in keeping them focused, involved and engaged with the meeting programming.