What We’ve Learned From Almost 30 Years of Facilitating Corporate Events

What we've learned
More than 2.1 million participants have experienced our innovatively themed corporate events, designed to drive individual engagement beyond anything ever seen before and inspire lasting change in your organization. After interacting with this many participants from companies and industries across the board, we have learned some valuable lessons along the way. So, below are some of these lessons that have taught us how to successfully host corporate events that are fun, relevant and align with organizational and event goals.


Your worst nightmare as a corporate event planner is to have participants asking themselves, “Why am I here?” Counter this by determining the objective of the event first. Then determine how the event should support your organizational objectives and the measure of success. This step will ensure that your mindset throughout the planning process is set to always think through the implications on these objectives.

Then Brace Yourself for Curve Balls

Even the most experienced event planner with exceptional attention to detail, the ability to plan ahead, and patience throughout the process is bound to have to deal with a curve ball or two. With the many details that go into successful corporate events, almost anything can go wrong, and usually something does. Be prepared for the unexpected and have contingency plans in place for the things that are likeliest to not go as planned.

Communicate Throughout

Effective communication with attendees before, during, and after a company event is a key element of success. Keep these four aspects of communication in mind: 1. Knowledge and Understanding: Before the conference, participants need to understand why they are attending the event. 2. Conviction: At the start of the conference, provide information and inspiration for participants to comprehend how attending this will help them back on the job. 3. Increase Skill: At the end of the conference, outline the key takeaways and skills that will be taught at the event so that participants understand the relevance to their everyday reality. 4. Apply for Results: After the conference, encourage participants to apply learnings back on the job with frequent and relevant reminders from the event. Get more information about communication strategy and more in our Guide to Interactive & Engaging Company Events.

Employ the Power of Experiences

Incorporating experiential activities into your corporate event is an effective way to inspire engagement and create a unique experience that remains in the minds of attendees long after the event. Experiential learning is the process of learning through hands-on, interactive experiences that mimic the challenges of the real world. These activities not only encourage employees to solve real problems by applying new knowledge and skills in a safe and engaging environment, but they get participants up and moving in an immersive atmosphere! If you can apply these four learnings, not only will it keep energy high before, during, and after your event, but it will drive results. If you are new to experiential learning or need help from a corporate event partner with decades of experience, connect with Eagle’s Flight now. Eagle's Flight